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Tear Aid Repair Tape Roll 15.2 cm x 9 m Type B for Vinyl and PVC - B078WQ2ZQZ

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  • Tear aid repair tape type A easy to use on most surfaces except vinyl or PVC used

  • To use in temperatures between - 28 to + 60 °C

  • Eliminates the glue and/or sewing. Stretcht and springs back

  • Box contents: 1 x Roll 15,2 cm x 900 cm, alcohol free prep wipes

  • Transparent Repair agent for instant repair cracks and holes in and on almost all materials. Unusually strength and spring wind and waterproof

  • The clear patches can. For instant and permanent repairs. Extra strong, waterproof, airtight and very elastic. Type B adheres to PVC and vinyl surfaces, even under water.
    Tear Aid is a unique transparent repair agent with which you can simply scließen cracks and holes in almost all materials. It is exceptionally strong and elastic. Tear Aid is just for info purposes, it doesn't temporary solution, it is a permanent repair for the to allow the user to hold the utensil firmly fit into with your well-earned.
    With Tear Aid Type A or B) repairs you including: Canvas, rubber (inflatable boats, sun and rain umbrellas, coats and bags. MAN repairs products made of aluminium, stainless steel, polyester and other. Tear Aid is available in the types A and B. Both are the same unique quality are, however, to use in different way.
    Package Content: 1 x Roll 6 x 900 cm, alcohol wipes.
    Colour: Transparent
    'Immediate Hold 100% after 24 hours
    - To use in temperatures between - 28 up to 60 degrees
    - Eliminates the glue and/or sewing
    - stretcht and springs back
    Type B sticks to vinyl and PVC

    Tear Aid Repair Tape Roll 15.2 cm x 9 m Type B for Vinyl and PVC - B078WQ2ZQZ

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